Whitehead T, Moros EG, Brownstein BH, Roti Roti JL (2006b).

These authors have published previously on the subject of gene expression. In the current experiment they exposed C3H 10T 1/2 cells to RFR for 24 hours at a SAR of 5W/kg. FDMA or CDMA RF was used. Each exposure had a matching sham test done in parallel. There was also a positive control with cells exposed to 0.68 G? of X-rays. Each exposure to FDMA or CDMA was repeated 3 times, each with its matched control.

The number of gene expression changes induced by RFR was not greater than the number of false positives expected based on a sham versus sham comparison. In contrast, the X-irradiated samples showed higher number of changed expression level than in the sham versus sham comparison.

The authors emphasized that there is a high chance of false positives because of the large number of genes tested. They point out that it is important to use repeated RF exposures with matched shams, a sham versus sham analysis, and a comparison to a matched control.

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