Takashima Y, Hirose H, Koyama S, Suzuki Y, et al. (2006)

This study examined the effect of RFR at 2.45 GHz frequency on the proliferation of cells. Cells exposed to a continuous RF electromagnetic field for 2 hours, there was no effect at SARs ranging from 0.05 to 100 W/kg. At 200 W/kg, the cell growth rate was suppressed and cell survival was decreased. When the cells were exposed to an intermittent field at peaks of 300 w/kg 900 W/kg, and 1500 W/kg (100 W/kg mean), no significant differences were observed compared with intermittent exposure at 100 W/kg peak. Measurements of temperature in the medium around the cells showed a steady rise in temperatures as the SAR increased, with the temperature reaching 44.1°C at SAR of 200 W/kg.

The authors suggest that the proliferation disorder seen at the higher SARs is due to a thermal effect.

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