Salford LG, Brun A, Eberhardt JL, Persson BR (1993)
Salford LG, Brun A, Sturesson K, Eberhardt JL, et al. (1994)

These papers appear to report the same experiment. There are more details in the 1994 paper.

Rats were exposed for 2 hours to 915 MHz microwaves, both continuous and pulse-modulated at frequencies 8, 16, 50, and 200 Hz. The SAR range was 0.016 and 5 W/kg.

There was a significant difference between exposed animals and controls in the frequency of leakage of albumin into the brain. The frequency was independent of the SAR level for values < 2.5 W/kg, but rose significantly for SAR values above that level. There was no significant difference between continuous and pulsed microwaves. There was no leakage of fibrinogen.

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