Platano D, Mesirca P, Paffi A, Pellegrino M, et al. (2007):

The authors studied the effects of RFR on Ba2+ currents through voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCC), recorded in primary cultures of rat cortical neurons using the patch-clamp technique.  The neurons were exposed for 1-3 periods of 90s to 900 MHz CW or amplitude-modulated RFR during whole-cell recording. The SARs were 2 w/kg for CW and 2 W/kg (time average value) for GSM-modulated signals, respectively.

The results indicated that single or multiple acute exposures to either CW or GSM-modulated 900 MHz RFR do not significantly alter the current amplitude or the current-voltage relationship of
Ba2+ currents Through VGCC.


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