Joubert V, Leveque P, Rametti A, Collin A, et al. (2006)

The authors exposed human neuroblastoma cells to RFR at 900 MHz GSM or continuous wave (CW) for 24 hours. The SAR for CW was 2 W/kg, and for GSM was 0.25 W/kg average. During CW exposure an increase of 2°C was observed, and control cells at 39°C were also observed because of this. Apoptosis rate was assessed using 3 methods (DAPI staining; flow cytometry using double staining with TUNEL and propidium iodide; and measurement of caspase-3 activity by fluorimetry).

There were no statistically significant changes in the apoptosis rate between sham and 24-hour exposed cells, either in the GSM-900 exposure, or in the CW.

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