Joubert V, Leveque P, Cueille M, Bourthoumieu S, et al. (2007)

The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of RFR on neuronal apoptosis (cell death) in vitro. Apoptosis was assessed in rat primary neuronal cultures in different stages of apoptosis. Condensed and fragmented nuclei were visualized and counted using DAPI staining. DNA strand breaks were detected using TUNEL staining. Activation of caspase-3, which plays a key effector role in early phases of apoptosis, was also measured.

Rat primary cortical neurons were cultured for 7 days, before exposure to GSM 900 signal for 1 hour at an average SAR of 0.25 W/kg. Apoptosis was studied at 0 and 24 hours after exposure.

No statistically significant differences in the apoptosis rate were observed between controls and RFR-exposed neurons.

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