Jin Y-B, Sirav B, Lee H-J, Lee J-S, Pack J-K, Kim N, Lee Y-S. One-year simultaneous combined exposure of CDMA and WCDMA radiofrequency electromagnetic fields to rats. Int. J. Radiat. Biol. Early Online, 2010.

The public is bombarded with different exposures to radiofrequency-electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) daily due to the ubiquitous use of mobile telecommunication devices.  Chronic exposure to these different frequencies in animal studies has not demonstrated significant differences in cancer development or survival time.  However, past studies have only investigated one type of radiofrequency exposure at a time, and the focus of the currrent investigation was to look at chronic exposure to multiple RF-EMFs simultaneously. 

The objective of this study was to investigate the effect of chronic exposure to multiple RF-EMF signals in rats.
Four different experimental groups of rats each were used in the study (each group contained 20 rats):  1) Male rats that were put through the same procedures as the RF-EMF exposed rats but were not exposed to any radiation (sham-exposed), 2) Male rats were simultaneously exposed to CDMA (2.0 W/kg) and WCDMA (2.0W/kg) signals for 45 min/day, 5 days a week for 12 months, 3)  Female sham-exposed rats, and 4) Female rats exposed to same conditions as group 2.  After 12 months of exposure, urine, blood, and tissue samples were collected, analyzed, and compared.

The researchers found that there were no significant differences in body weight, organ health, urinalysis, blood components, or blood biochemistry.  However, the authors did find alterations in complete blood count and serum chemistry in RF-EMF exposed mice.  There was no indication that the exposed mice had a greater disease incidence than sham-exposed mice.
Interpretation and Limitations
The authors suggested as a result of their findings that some health effects can be seen when mice are exposed to multiple RF-EMFs for one year.  They indicate that longer exposure times may be needed to observe chronic health effects such as increased disease incidence.    

This study suggests that chronic exposure to multiple RF-EMFs signals do not increase chronic illness in rats, but that some parameters such as complete blood count and serum chemistry are altered.

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