Jia F, Ushiyama A, Masuda H, Lawlor GF, et al.(2007):

This study examined changes in temperature in the rabbit ear on exposure to radiofrequency radiation (RFR). The ears were exposed for 20 minutes at SARs of 0 (sham exposure), 2.3, 10.0, and 34.3 W/kg. Temperatures were measured at 5-minute intervals during and for 10 minutes after exposure. Two experimental conditions were employed - normal blood flow and without blood flow in the ear.

It was found that physiological blood flow significantly suppressed temperature rises even at 34.3 W/kg. Exposure at 2.3 and 10.0 W/kg did not produce any temperature increase with normal blood flow. With no blood flow, exposure at 2.3 W/kg induced local skin temperature elevation.

The authors comment that the effect of blood flow should be taken into consideration when extrapolating modeling studies to living animals.

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