Franke H, Ringelstein EB, Stogbauer F (2005a)

This group of authors previously reported that electromagnetic fields increased sucrose permeation through the blood-brain barrier (BBB) after exposure for 4 days to a 0.3 W/kg GSM1800 field. In the present experiments they improved the BBB tightness in their cell cultures in a way that came very close to the in vivo permeability. In their previous study they used porcine brain microvascular endothelial cells (PBEC) co-cultured with rat astrocytes. In the present experiments they used a modification of this co-culture, as well as PBEC in monoculture, with or without serum and hydrocortisone. Cell cultures were exposed for 1-5 days to a GSM 1800 electromagnetic field (EMF) at an average SAR of 0.3 W/kg. Sucrose permeation was compared to sham exposed cells and to a control group.

In all three culture groups, sucrose permeation across the cell layers remained unaffected by the EMF exposure.

The authors, therefore, could not confirm the increased permeability of the BBB that they observed in their previous experiment.

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