Finnie JW, Blumbergs PC, Cai Z, Manavis J, et al. (2006)

Finnie and colleagues previously examined vascular permeability changes in the fetal mouse brain after exposure to RFR. In the present paper they reported blood-brain barrier integrity in the neonatal brain after exposure to mobile telephony.

The authors exposed newborn mice to a 60-minute far-field whole body exposure of 4 W/kg on 7 successive days postnatally. The RF field had similar characteristics to the GSM field. Four groups of animals were used: exposed, sham-exposed; a non-exposed, freely-moving, cage control group; and a positive control group injected with cadmium chloride, which produces microvascular endothelial damage. There were 10 animals in each group. The mice were sacrificed at day 7, and the brains were examined for evidence of disruption of the BBB. Albumin was used as the marker for this. No evidence of BBB breakdown was found in the exposed or control groups. Albumin leakage into neurons was found in the mice injected with cadmium.

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