Ferreira AR, Bonatto F, Pasquali MA, Polydoro M, et al. (2006)

The authors exposed rats to RFR from an analog phone at 834 MHz and SAR of 0.98 W/kg for 6 days and 7 and 1/2 hours a day. There were 11 rats that were 30 days old, 11 that were 80 days old, and 9 that were 210 days old, plus corresponding numbers of sham rats.

There were no significant differences in lipid oxidative damage (measured by MDA concentration in the brain) or in protein oxidative damage (measured by carbonyl assay) between the exposed and sham rats. Also, no change was seen in non-enzymatic defense in the frontal cortex or hippocampus, the two areas that were examined.

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