Chauhan V, Mariampillai A, Gajda GB, Thansandote A, et al. (2006b)

HL-60 and Mono-Mac-6 cells from human lines were exposed to intermittent (5 min on, 10 min off) 1.9 GHz pulse-modulated RF fields at an average SAR of either 1 or 10 W/kg for 6 hours. Concurrent negative and positive (heat-shock at 43°C for 1 hour) controls were conducted with each experiment.

Immediately following the RF exposure and 18 hours after exposure, the cells were analyzed for levels of the proto-oncogenes c-jun, c-myc, and c-fos and the stress-related genes Hsp27 and Hsp70b.

No significant effects were observed in the expression of these genes, when RFR was compared with sham exposure. Heat-shock controls displayed a significant elevation in both Hsp genes and in c-fos and c-jun levels.


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