Capri M, Salvioli S, Altilia S, Sevini F, et al. (2006)

Capri and colleagues studied the possible RF effects on lymphocytes from 10 young and 8 elderly donors. They exposed the lymphocytes to RFR at 1800 MHz frequency for 44 hors, 10 minutes on and 10 off. The SAR was 2 W/kg. The experiments were performed blindly. The authors analyzed CD25, CD95, and CD28 molecules in CD4+ and CD8+ cells.

No significant changes in the percentage of these cell subsets were found between exposed and sham-exposed lymphocytes in both young and elderly donors. However, after RF exposure there was a slight, but statistically significant, downregulation in stimulated CD4+ lymphocytes from elderly, but not from young donors. The clinical relevance of this finding is not clear.

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