Capri M, Scarcella E, Fumelli C, Bianchi E, et al. (2004b)

The authors tested the effect of radiofrequency radiation (RFR) on human white blood cells. They exposed the cells either to a 900 MHz GSM modulated field or a CW field. The SAR was 70-76 mW/kg. The GSM exposure was for 1 hour/day for 3 days, and the CW exposure was for 30 minutes on and 30 minutes off, repeated once, on each of 3 days. A variety of tests were done to detect changes in cell proliferation, cell cycle progression, and cell death (apoptosis).

There were no statistically significant changes with the CW field. The GSM exposure was associated with slight decrease in cell proliferation on one test, and a slight increase in an indicator of cell death. Two other tests of cell death, however, showed no change. There were no changes in cell cycle phases.

There were a large number of statistical tests done in this study, and it is possible that the two statistically significant tests occurred by chance alone.


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