Belyaev IY, Hillert L, Protopopova M, Tamm C, et al. (2005)

The authors exposed lymphocytes from 7 self-declared hypersensitive persons and from 7 healthy matched controls to electromagnetic fields (EMFs). The exposure was either to GSM mobile phone microwaves (915 MHz at an SAR of 0.037 W/kg, or to 50 Hz field. The exposures were for 2 hours.

They examined chromatin conformation with the method of anomalous viscosity time dependencies (AVTD). 53BP1 protein, which has been shown to co-localize in foci with DNA double-strand breaks, was analyzed by immunochemical staining. Apoptosis was determined by morphological changes and by apoptotic fragmentation of DNA.

Both types of EMF resulted in changes in chromatin conformation and in a decrease in 53BP1 protein, similar to changes seen with heat shock at 41°C. There was no evidence of apoptosis. No significant differences were seen in the responses between hypersensitive and healthy controls.


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