Atli E, Unlu H (2006)

The authors studied the effect of an electromagnetic (EMF) on Drosophilia melanogaster. Larvae were exposed to an EMF at 10 GHz for 3, 4, or 5 hours continuously and 3 hours + 3 hours discontinuously with a 30 minute interval between the 2 exposures. The SAR was approximately 9.8 mW/kg.

There was no effect on the transition percentages from larvae to pupae, compared with controls. Mean pupation time was delayed linearly. The delay appeared to occur in the first 36 hours. In the 3 + 3 hour exposed group, the mean offspring number was significantly less than that of the control.

The authors suggest that the changes in maturation may be due to the production of stress proteins, although they did not measure these. They did measure the temperature of the system used, and found no significant increase. The study does not appear to have been done in a blinded fashion.

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