July 2004

Neurological changes from RFR

A recent mini-review has examined reports of effects on the peripheral nervous system from radiofrequency radiation (RFR). The authors have published several research papers on this theme in the past. In the current paper they review effects both from overexposure to RFR and from exposure within international guidelines. They note that only a minority of people exposed to RFR (from mobile phones or other sources) develops symptoms, and that these are usually reversible. They briefly discuss possible mechanisms for the phenomenon.

Reference: Westerman R, Hocking B. Diseases of modern living; neurological changes associated with mobile phones and radiofrequency radiation in humans. Neuroscience letters 2004;360:13-16.

Review of safety standards for RFR exposure

James Lin regularly reviews, in the Radio Science Bulletin, an aspect of radiofrequency radiation and health. In the June 2004 issue he discusses the background behind the current standards that have been adopted internationally to limit exposure to RF radiation. He defines the Specific Absorption rate, and sets out the rationale for the SAR standards that are currently employed. The article can be found at www.ursi.org

More information on these topics can be found in "Primer - Exposure limits for RF radiation", and in "Specific Absorption Rate of Wireless phones".

Reference: Lin JC. Current standards and their bases for safe human exposure to radio-frequency radiation. Radio Science Bulletin 2004;309:50-52.

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