July 2001

British Medical Association issues report on mobile phones and health

The British Medical Association has published a report on "Mobile phones and health". It was designed "to summarise the current knowledge about mobile phones and health, and to outline the on-going and planned research". The report can be accessed at www.bma.org.uk

Update on Electromagnetic Fields from the Netherlands

The Health Council of the Netherlands has published what is called its first Annual Update on Electromagnetic Fields. It gives a summary of the reports produced by the Council in the last year and an overview of recent scientific developments. The Update can be obtained at the Secretariat of the Health Council of the Netherlands, fax +31 70 340 75 23, e-mail order@gr.nl, or at www.gr.nl.

More on cell phones and brain tumours from Hardell and colleagues

In "What's New" of November 1999, June 2000, and April 2001, we discussed studies by Hardell and colleagues that explored the relationship between mobile phones and brain tumours. These authors reported new results at a conference in London in June 6-7. The study covers a later period (1997-2000) than the earlier ones, and examines a larger number of patients - there were 1,617 patients with brain tumours and a similar number of matched controls. The authors found an association between the use of an analogue phone and brain tumour (OR = 1.26). The OR was 1.77 for those who had used the phones for more than 10 years. The risk was 2.50 for tumours located in the temporal lobe of the brain on the same side as that used during phone calls. No clear association was found with digital cellular telephones or cordless phones.

As of this time the study has not been published in a peer-reviewed journal.

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