July 2010 – EFHFAN report in vitro and in vivo (animals) studies

May 2010 - WHO Fact Sheet - Electromagnetic fields and public health: mobile phones

Mar 2010 – Swedish report on EMF Research and Health Risks.

January 2010 - New section on young people

Dec 2009 – Expert Report on Children’s Health and RF EMF Exposure

Dec 2009 – PIERS Proceedings Moscow 2009 Abstracts

Nov 2009 - Health Canada  Safety Code 6 (2009) updated

Nov 2009 – Health Canada Wireless device safety

Nov 2009 - Joint Statement Nordic Radiation Safety Authorities

Sep 2009 – Update SCENIHR report Health Effects of exposure to EMF

June 14-19, 2009 BioEM2009 Conference -Abstracts

June 2009 – JRC-EMF-NET Risk Communication book on EMF

May 2009 Start of New International Study – MOBI-KIDS

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity - MMF viewpoint Mar 2010

Section on Epidemiology – Cell phone studies - updated Feb 2009

WLAN and Health MMF brochure– Feb 2009

Consumer Product Recall – Health Canada – Jan 2009

WHO EMF eLearning course - Methodology in Bioelectromagnetics Research"

January 2009 - SCENIHR Opinion – Health effects of exposure to EMF

January 2009 - Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK): Position paper

Symposium on personal measurements of radiofrequency
ISEE-ISEA, October 12-16, 2008

October 8, 2008 INTERPHONE results: latest update October 8th, 2008 IARC website

October 2008 EMF-NET: New reports available

Sep 2008 Harris/Decima Survey Wireless Attitudes Study

Sep 2008 NCCEH - Cellular/Mobile Phone Use and Intracranial Tumours

Aug 2008 NCCEH - Cell Phones and Brain Tumours

NCI cancer bulletin Sep 2008 Cell Phones and Brain Cancer

German Mobile Telecommunication Research Programme – August 2008 Statement

May 2008: Toronto Public Health – Fact Sheet Children and Safe Cell Phone Use

Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research (MTHR) Programme – New COSMOS study to begin

EMF-NET: June 2008
Recommendations on exposure assessment for epidemiological studies

Abstracts for the 30th Bioelectromagnetics Society Annual Meeting - June 2008

The Institution of Engineering and Technology 2008 position statement

NAS report on research needs of health effects of wireless communication now available

Industry Canada implements CPC-2-0-03 Radiocommunication and Broadcasting Antenna Systems new guidelines... more

National Cancer Institute of Canada (NCIC) video vignette on cell phones and cancer for the 60th anniversary.
The vignette is available on the national website of the Canadian Cancer Society in both official languages.

CTV News interview on EMF with Paul Brent
Experts weigh in on the dangers of cell phones

November 2007
Report on Effects on reproduction and development

Report 2007
The MTHR Programme report 2007.

Report 2007 studies
Swedish Radiation Protection Authority (SSI)
Recent Research on EMF Health Risks


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