April 2000

Danish Study on Cellular Phones and Cancer

The "Current or Planned Research in Humans" posting in our "What¹s New Archives" mentions a Danish study that "is expected to produce results in 2000. Details of the design of that study are now available in a recent paper. They have obtained information on all cellular telephone subscribers in Denmark from 1982 to 1995 - about 500,000 individuals. This information will be linked to the Danish Cancer Registry, and the observed number of brain tumours and other cancers will be compared with those expected from national cancer incidence rates.

Reference: Johansen C, Olsen JH. Cellular telephones, magnetic field exposure, risk of brain tumours and cancer at other sites: A cohort study. Radiation Protection Dosimetry 1999; 83: 155-157.

Study of cancer in Motorola employees

A recent study of Motorola employees has not shown an association between occupational RF exposure and brain cancers or lymphoma/leukaemia. Almost 200,000 workers were included in the study, which covered the years 1976 - 1996. For more details, see "Research - Epidemiology" section.

Morgan RW, Kelsh MA, Zhao K, et al. (2000): Radiofrequency exposure and mortality from cancer of the brain and lymphatic/hematopoietic systems. Epidemiology 11:118-127.

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