RFcom has compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions based on common queries we receive. Some of the technical information is also covered in the Primer and in the page Specific Absorption Rate. Other questions refer to material that is covered in Research.

If you have questions regarding wireless technology usage and the possible health effects that are not included in this list, please submit them to rfcom@uottawa.ca


    Electromagnetic energy and radiofrequency radiation

    1. What is electromagnetic energy?

    2. How is electromagnetic energy measured?

    3. What is radiofrequency radiation?

    4. Do electric power lines produce radiofrequency radiation?

    5. Are x-rays the same as radiofrequency radiation?

    6. How is radiofrequency radiation measured?

    7. What is Specific Absorption Rate?

    8. What are the safe limits for radiofrequency radiation in humans?

    9. Does radiofrequency radiation have biological effects?

    10. Is radiofrequency radiation harmful?

    11. Does radiofrequency radiation cause cancer?

    12. Does radiofrequency radiation cause genetic damage?

    13. Are some individuals hypersensitive to electromagnetic fields?

      Wireless Phones

    14. What is a wireless phone?

    15. How much power does a wireless phone produce?

    16. Do wireless phones have any harmful effects in humans?

    17. Do wireless phones cause brain cancer in humans?

    18. Do wireless phones affect brain function?

    19. Do wireless phones cause headaches or other general health effects?

    20. Should children use wireless phones?

      Base stations

    21. What is a wireless phone base station?

    22. How much radiation does a base station produce?

    23. Is a base station dangerous to people living nearby?

    24. Who regulates the level of radiation from base stations?

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