Crespo-Valero, P.; Christopoulou, M.; Zefferer, M.; Christ, A.; Achermann, P.; Nikita, K. S., and Kuster, N. Novel methodology to characterize electromagnetic exposure of the brain. Phys Med Biol. 2011 Jan 21; 56(2):383-396.


Electromagnetic fields from radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic sources, such as mobile phones, are distributed non-uniformly in brain tissues. Such non-uniformity creates difficulties in the interpretation of data from epidemiological studies on mobile phone use and head tumor, and data from laboratory studies on RF radiation and brain physiology. Therefore, a more detailed quantitative analysis of exposure distribution in brain sub-regions is essential


The authors developed a new method for accurate quantification of electromagnetic exposure of specific brain sub-regions


The authors used high-resolution 3D numerical models of humans from the Virtual Family. The brains were further segmented and labeled with the Talairach-Tournoux atlas. The procedure allows identification of more than a thousand of sites in the brain. After labeling, these models were placed into EM exposure setups and simulated using the finite difference time domain method. The electromagnetic absorption in specific brain regions could then be analyzed.


The authors describe the implementation of this method, its validation in two scenarios of different complexities: a simplified brain model and a detailed brain model. Strengths and limitations of the methods are discusses and examples of its application are provided. These examples illustrate how the new method enhances dosimetry based on finite difference time domain simulations or on measurements.

Interpretation and Conclusion

The authors have concluded that the new method “adds new possibilities for the study and interpretation of the EM exposure of the CNS for various endpoints under investigation. It enhances the dosimetry assessment of the brain, extending the computation of average SAR to specific functional and/or anatomical regions identified in the Talairach atlas.”

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