Wilen J, Sandstrom M, Mild KJ (2003)

This paper is an extension of the study reported by Oftedal et al. (2000), who studied the prevalence of subjective symptoms among mobile phone (MP) users. In the present report, the authors used information about prevalence of symptoms, calling time per day, and number of calls per day from the epidemiological study. They combined these data with measurements of the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) of the specific MP device used by each person included in the study. Only people with calling time over day of greater than 2 minutes were included (n=2197).

Based on their results, the authors hypothesized:

  • subjective symptoms, especially dizziness, discomfort, and warmth sensations behind the ear are correlated with high SAR values in combination with longer calling time per day.
  • SAR alone, in the volume on the ear is an explanation for sensation of warmth behind the ear, while conductive heating from the phone causes sensation of warmth on the ear from the phone.

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