Preece AW, Georgiou AG, Dunn EJ, Farrow SC (2007):

This study investigated concerns that had been raised about possible health effects by high power transmissions of high frequency (7 to 30 MHz) radio waves from military antenna systems at Akrotiri, Cyprus. Longitudinal and short-term RF measurements were collected from two exposed and one control village. Health data were collected using questionnaires.

Field strengths from the two exposed villages were a maximum of 0.30 V/m from the 17.6 MHz military transmissions and up to 1.4 V/m from unspecified sources, mainly cell-phone frequencies. The corresponding readings in the control village were <0.01 V/m. There was no evidence of increased incidence of cancer (although the numbers were too small to show a difference) or of childhood illness. There were no discernible reproductive effects. The only health effects identified in the exposed sites were statistically significant increases in the incidence of headaches, migraine, dizziness, and depression. There was also heightened risk perception in the exposed villages. The authors concluded that they could not rule out the possibility that the increased symptoms could be related to the very low-level exposure to EMF, but that the symptoms were "unlikely to be an effect of RF and more likely to be antenna visibility or aircraft noise".

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