Muscat JE, et al (2002)

The authors conducted a case-control study of 90 patients with acoustic neuroma and 86 controls in New York. The years covered were 1997 to 1999. Personal interviews were conducted with the patients and controls. Information was collected about cell phone subscription, year of first use, manufacturer, number of years of use, minutes of use, and the average phone bill. Each subject was asked which hand was used to hold the phone during a call. Additional information was obtained on medical history, occupation, and other lifestyle factors.

The results showed that the OR for cell phone use was 0.9, and did not vary significantly by the frequency, duration, and lifetime hours of use. Although there was an elevated risk with 3 or more years of cell phone use, these longer-term users were also the most infrequent users, and there was no association with cumulative use. In those using cell phones, the tumour occurred more frequently on the opposite side of the head from where the phone was used.

The authors state that more research needs to be done on people with longer duration of cell phone use.

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