Hillert L, Berglind N, Arnetz BB, Bellander T (2002):

Hillert and colleagues conducted a questionnaire survey among 15,000 men and women between 19 and 80 years of age in Stockholm County, Sweden. The participants were randomly selected, and the response rate was 73%. The aim of the survey was estimate the prevalence of self-reported hypersensitivity to electric and magnetic fields in the general population, and to describe characteristics of the group reporting such hypersensitivity.

One and a half per cent of the respondents reported hypersensitivity to electric or magnetic fields. This group reported all symptoms, allergies, and other types of hypersensitivity included in the survey to a significantly greater extent than the rest of the respondents.

The authors state that the results of a cross-sectional survey such as this should be interpreted with caution. They suggest, however, that the results imply that there is widespread concern among the general population about risks to health posed by electric and magnetic fields

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