Hayes RB, Brown LM, Pottern LM, Gomez M, et al.

This paper reports an investigation of all men, aged 18 to 42 years, who were newly diagnosed with testicular cancer between 1976 and 1981 and referred to one of three hospitals in Washington, DC. Two of the hospitals were military hospitals. The 271 cases were compared with 269 patients at the same hospital as the cases. The controls were diagnosed with a cancer other than of the genital tract.

Self-reported exposure to microwaves and other radio waves was associated with an excess risk for testicular cancer (OR = 3.1). However, an assessment of radio wave exposure based on job title did not support this finding. There was a non-significant risk among subjects with low level exposure (OR = 2.3), but the risk was not increased for subjects with medium (OR = 1.0) or high (OR = 0.8) exposure.

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