De Roos AJ, Teschke K, Savitz D, Poole C, et al.

Neuroblastoma is a tumour that usually affects young children. In previous studies no consistent association has been shown between parental occupation involving electromagnetic field exposure and the incidence of neuroblastoma in their offspring.

To evaluate this further, De Roos and colleagues have analyzed data from a large, multicentre case-control study. They enrolled 538 cases and used detailed exposure information in their research. A telephone interview was conducted with each mother and with the father when available. Each report of exposure to electrical equipment or radiation was reviewed by an industrial hygienist. Sources of exposure were grouped by the major frequencies produced - ELF, RF, and ionizing radiation.

Although some slight increases in risk were seen with maternal exposure to radiofrequency radiation, the results were not statistically significant and were based on very few cases. The authors state that "overall, there was scant supportive evidence of strong associations between parental exposures in electromagnetic spectrum and neuroblastoma in the offspring". 

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