Yuasa K, Asai N, Okabe S, Tarusawa Y, et al. (2006)

The authors studied 12 volunteers before and after exposure to the EMF emitted from an 800 MHz cell phone for 30 minutes (SAR approximately 0.054 W/kg in 10 g tissue). They measured somatosensory potentials (SEP), which evaluate the function of the sensory cortex. These were elicited by stimulation of the median nerve area of the left hand. Each subject received a real and a sham exposure, and was not aware of the exposure status. It is not clear whether the exposures were randomized, and the examiners do not appear to have been blinded to the exposure status. The subjects carried out a conversation with an examiner during the exposure.

Neither SEPs nor their recovery function was affected by exposure to the EMF or to sham exposure.

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