Preece AW, Goodfellow S, Wright MG, Butler SR, et al. (2005)

Preece and colleagues have previously suggested that exposure to radiofrequency radiation from cell phones can cause a decrease in reaction time in adults (Preece, 1999). On that occasion the difference was seen with an analogue phone. In the present study they carried out tests of cognitive function in children using a digital 902 MHz GSM phone.

A total of 18 children aged 10.2 - 12.2 years were enrolled. Three exposure conditions were tested - sham, power set at 0.2 W peak (0.025 W mean), and power set at 2 W peak (0.25 W mean). The SAR was calculated at 0.28 W/kg. The order of exposure was random, and the study was double-blind. The children had a practice test, and then the actual tests were performed on successive days. In statistical analysis the Bonferroni correction was made for multiple comparisons.

The study showed a trend toward faster reaction times, higher accuracy, and higher sensitivity in the presence of radiation from the phone. However, none of these effects reached statistical significance.

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