Parazzini M, Parazzini P, Tognola G, Thuroczy G, et al. (2007)

In this study 26 healthy young adults were submitted to 900 MHz RFR at 2W power and maximum SAR of 0.02 W/kg for 26 minutes - 13 while resting and 13 in the standing position. This was compared to sham exposure. Real and sham exposures were assigned in random order in a double-blind fashion. The two exposures were performed at least 24 hours apart and were always done in the morning between 9am and 1 pm. The study's aim was to assess the effect of RFR in different autonomic stated (resting = parasympathetic and standing = sympathetic). Electrocardiograms were recorded and various parameters of heart rate variability (HRV) recorded.

There was no statistically different effect due to EMF exposure on the main parameter of mean RR interval and most of the other HRV parameters. A weak interaction was observed in some of the others while the subjects were standing, although the variations were within the range of physiological variation.

The authors suggest that RF EMFs may be able to augment an existing sympathetic activation but not to directly induce it. The authors suggest that replication studies should be performed and that the experiment repeated in older subjects.

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