Papageorgiou CC, Nanou ED, Tsiafakis VG, Kapareliotis E, et al. (2006):

This study examined event-related potentials (ERPs) on an EEG in response to an auditory task. Specifically, the P50 component of the ERP was studied. Nineteen healthy subjects performed the task after a low frequency stimulus and then with a high frequency stimulus. During the procedure they were exposed to a 900 MHz signal at 64 mW mean power from a dipole antenna 20 cm from the ear. They repeated the task with sham exposure. The active and sham exposures were 2 weeks apart and the order of exposure was random. The study appears to have been single blind.

There was a significant increase in the amplitude of the P50 component with low frequency stimulus and a significant decrease with high frequency. There was no effect on memory performance. The P50 component is thought to reflect pre-attentive operation. The authors cannot rule out thermal effects.

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