Mann K, Röschke J.(1996)

Twelve healthy subjects were exposed to RF radiation from a GSM 900 MHz phone, pulsed at 217 Hz. The power density was 0.5 W/m². The radiation was from a phone at the head of the bed, 40 cms. from the top of the head. An EEG was recorded during sleep. Each subject spent 2 sessions of 3 consecutive nights in the sleep laboratory. The sessions were separated by an interval of at least 7 days. The first night was an adaptation night, and on the second and third nights the subjects were either exposed to the RF radiation or were sham-exposed, with the order being reversed at the second session.

The authors reported that sleep latency (the time it took for a subject to fall asleep) was reduced. There was a decrease in the duration of REM sleep and percentage of the total sleep time spent in REM sleep. There was also an increase in the mean power density in all bands of the EEG, especially the alpha ones, during REM sleep.

The authors carried out two other studies using different power densities, and found no significant changes (Wagner et al., 1998, 2000).

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