Mann K, Wagner P, Brunn G, Hassan F, Hiemke C, and Röschke J.

Twenty two men were studied over three nights to determine if exposure to EMFs altered blood levels of GH, LH, melatonin, and cortisol.

As in other studies by this group (see under "EEGs and sleep") the exposure used was a GSM phone at 900 MHz, pulsed with a frequency of 217 Hz and a pulse width of 577 microsecs. The average power density was 0.02 W/m2. EEGs were recorded, and no differences were seen during the EMF exposure.

The only change in hormone levels was a slight, transient increase in cortisol immediately after the onset of the field exposure. This persisted for 1 hour. The authors did not think this finding had any clinical relevance.

Mann and his colleagues point out the need for further studies, using different subpopulations and fields of higher intensity.

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