Maby E, Le Bouquin Jeannes R, Faucon G (2006)

Nine healthy subjects and 6 patients with epilepsy participated in this study. They received a sound stimulus through a mobile phone loudspeaker. The SAR was 1.4 W/kg on 10 g of tissue. A control session was done in which there was no RF emission. The subjects were unaware of the type of session that was being carried out. It is not stated in the paper whether the sessions were counterbalanced. Auditory evoked potentials were studied at the scalp by EEG electrodes.

The epileptic patients showed a lengthening of the scalp component N100 in the frontal area contralateral to the radiation, which the authors thought might be due to an afferent tract alteration. For the healthy subjects, an amplitude increase of the P200 wave was identified in the frontal area.

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