Krause CM, Sillanmaki L, Koivisto M, Haggquist A, et al.

These authors previously reported that EMF altered EEG responses during the retrieval portion of an auditory memory task. In the present study they investigated the effects of EMF on EEG during a visual memory task.

Twenty-four right-handed healthy subjects participated. They were exposed to a 902 MHz EMF with a frequency of 217 Hz and a pulse width of 0.557msecs. They performed the tasks also in a sham-exposed state, and were unaware of whether the EMF was on or off. The visual task consisted of responding to letters that had been previously shown to them.

The EMF had no effect on error rates or reaction times. The presence of EMF altered the responses in the 6-8 and 8-10 Hz frequency bands but only when examined as a function of memory load. The effect was most apparent in the left hemisphere electrodes, even though the phone device was attached to the right side of the subject's head. The authors could not explain this finding.

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