Koivisto M, Krause CM, Revonsuo A, et al.

As in their earlier study, the authors examined 48 volunteers who were exposed to RF fields emitted by a GSM phone (902MHz, at a frequency of 217 Hz). The subjects performed memory tasks, which involved the recall of letters that they had been previously shown. The letter may have been shown 0, 1, 2, or 3 trials back. Each subject was tested twice within a single session, with and without RF exposure. The reaction times to target letters were speeded up when the exposure was on, but only when 3 items had to be kept in memory. The RF exposure conditions had no effect on the accuracy of performance.

The authors concluded that the small reduction in time, together with the lack of improvement in accuracy of the task, suggests that the results have no practical implications for performance in daily life. However, they point out that the effects of RF exposure on cognitive function that have been observed have all been in the one direction - the RF fields have facilitated rather than disrupted performance in the studies reported to date. The physiological mechanisms are still not understood, but a thermal effect is suspected.

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