Frey A

In this commentary, the author argues that headaches may be produced by the use of cellular telephones. He bases this on three lines of evidence arising from research that he and others did in the 1960s and 1970s. First, he noticed headaches in some subjects when he conducted research with microwave energy in the 1960s. Second, he states that breakdown of the blood-brain barrier may be related to the development of headaches, and he reviews evidence that low intensity microwave exposure opens the blood-brain barrier. Third, the dopamine-opiate system may be involved in headaches and low intensity electromagnetic energy exposure affects those systems.

Frey states that the microwave energy used in these experiments was approximately the same as those emitted by present day cellular telephones.

The Independent Expert Group on Mobile Phones in the UK stated "The available evidence for an effect on the blood-brain barrier is inconsistent and contradictory. Recent, well-conducted studies have not reported any effects". There has been a limited amount of research on the effect of RF radiation on the dopamine-opiate system.

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