Curcio G, Ferrara M, Moroni F, D'Inzeo G, et al. (2005)

The authors recorded the resting EEG of 20 healthy subjects (10 males) in varying conditions of EMF exposure. The subjects were randomly assigned to two groups, and exposed in a double-blind fashion, to a 902 MHz cell phone signal, modulated at 217 Hz, average power 0.25 W, and SAR~0.5 W/kg. A baseline session was done where the subjects wore only a helmet. For the EMF and sham exposures the phone was attached to the helmet, with the phone 1.5 cm from the left ear. There was at least 48 hours between each recording session.  The baseline, EMF-on, and EMF-off sessions lasted 45 minutes. However, in one group of 10 an EEG was recorded during the last 7 minutes of the 45 minutes, while in the other group the EEG was recorded after the 45 minutes was concluded. Reading, talking, listening to music was allowed during the sessions, except during the EEG recordings.

During EMF exposure the spectral power of the EEG was greater at 9 and 10 Hz bands (alpha range), compared with baseline or sham recordings. This effect was greater in the group who had the EEG recording during the exposure, compared to the other group that had the recording after the exposure.

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