Bortkiewicz A, Pilacik B, Gadzicka E, Szymczak W (2002)

This study sought to examine the effect of exposure to an electromagnetic field (EMF) emitted by a cellular phone on 6-hydroxymelatonin sulfate (6-OHMS) excretion.

Nine healthy young males volunteered. Each was examined twice, at least one week apart, with and without exposure. On the exposure day they were exposed from 7 p.m to 8 p.m. to an EMF from a cell phone at 900 MHz, pulsed with 217 Hz, SAR 1.23 W/kg. The phone was mounted on a stand close to the subject's ear. On the control day, the phone was not switched on. The subject did not know whether they were being exposed or not. Urine was collected at 7 p.m., at midnight, and at 7 a.m. It was later analyzed for 6-OHMS.

Mean 6-OHMS levels did not differ significantly between the exposed and non-exposed experiment, and individuals did not show any difference in their excretion patterns.

The number of subjects is small in this study.

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