Whitehead T, Brownstein BH, Parry JJ, Thompson D, et al. (2005).

In this study the authors were attempting to confirm and earlier report by Goswami and colleagues (1999) that exposure to radiofrequency radiation (RFR) cause increased levels of the proto-oncogene Fos. They used the same type of cells - C3H 10 T½ - but whereas Goswami used RFR exposure at 0.06 W/kg, in the present study the SARs used were 5 and 10 W/kg.

The cells were exposed for 4 days to three types of modulated signals: 847.74 MHz CDMA, 835.62 MHz FDMA, and 836.55 MHz TDMA.

Expression of Fos mRNA in the cells was not significantly different from that found after sham exposure at either SAR level for any signal modulation.

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