Li l, Bisht KS, LaGroye I, Zhang P, et al.

Lai et al. published studies suggesting that exposure of rats to 2450 MHz microwaves could increase alkali-labile DNA damage in brain cells. Later studies by Malyapa et al. failed to confirm these results, in rats or in cultured mammalian cells. However, Malyapa et al. used a SAR of 0.6 W/kg, well below the peak of 1.6 W/kg allowed by the FCC.

In this study, Li et al. used RF fields at 847.74 MHz CDMA and 835.62 MHz FDMA that gave SARs of 3.2-5.1 W/kg. They used mouse fibroblasts, and measured DNA damage with an alkaline comet assay. There was no measurable DNA damage.

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