Juutilainen J, Heikkinen P, Soikkeli H, Maki-Paakkanen J (2007)

This study was part of two studies that investigated genotoxicity of long-term exposure of mice to RF fields. The aim was to measure micronuclei formation in erythrocytes. In the first study, mice were exposed for 78 weeks (1.5h/d, 5d/wk) to either a continuous 902.5 MHz signal like that of NMT analog phones (whole-body SAR 1.5 W/kg), or to a pulsed 902.4 MHz signal like the GSM digital phone (SAR 0.35 W/kg). A third group was sham-exposed, and a fourth served as cage controls. All but the cage controls were exposed to 4 Gγ of x-rays during the first 3 weeks of the experiment. In the second study, mice were exposed for 52 weeks (1.5h/d, 5d/wk), Two digital phone signals, GSM and DAMPS, were used at SAR 0.5 W/kg. All but the cage controls were exposed 3 times per week to an ultraviolet radiation dose of 1.2 MED (minimum erythema dose).

There were no effects of RF fields on micronucleus frequency in polychromatic or normochromic erythrocytes.

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