Höytö A, Juutilainen J, Naarala L (2007):

These authors attempted to carry out a replication of an earlier study by Penafiel (1997) that showed an increase in levels of ornithine decarboxylase (ODC) in murine L929 fibroblasts after exposure to RFR. Höytö and colleagues exposed the cells for 2,8, or 24 hours to continuous wave or Digital Advance Mobile Phone Service (DAMPS) signals at SAR levels of 2.5 or 6.0 W/kg. Exposures were carried out in Crawford and waveguide chambers, at frequencies of 835 and 872 MHz respectively.

The results did not confirm the earlier study. No increase in ODC levels was found when the Crawford system was used. A decrease, thought to be related to increased temperature, was found at 2 hours when the SAR level was 6 W/kg. With the waveguide system, an increase in ODC levels was seen at 8 hours at 6 W/kg. It was not possible to assess whether or not this was a true non-thermal effect.

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