Heikkinen P, et al (2001)

Two hundred mice were divided into four groups at age 3 to 5 weeks. One group was a cage-control group. The others were exposed to ionizing radiation at the beginning of the study. Two of these X-ray exposed groups were exposed to RF radiation and the third was sham-exposed. One RF group was exposed to NMT-type frequency-modulated radiation at 902.5 MHz and a SAR of 1.5 W/kg. The other was exposed to pulsed GSM radiation (902.4 MHz, pulse frequency 217 Hz, SAR 0.35 W/kg). The RF groups were exposed for 1.5 hours per day for 78 weeks.

The RF-radiation exposures did not increase the incidence of any neoplastic lesion significantly. The authors stated that the results do not provide evidence for cancer promotion by RF radiation emitted by mobile phones.

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