Gadhia PK, Shah T, Mistry A, Pithawala M, et al. (2003)

The authors examined lymphocytes from 24 people who had used a mobile phone for at least 2 years, and from 24 non-users as controls. Each of these groups had 12 who were smokers and drinkers of alcohol (S-A), and 12 who abstained from smoking and alcohol (NS-NA). The control group was matched for age and gender, as well as similar health status, working habits, and professional careers.

The lymphocytes were cultured and slides made for examination. All culture slides were coded blind and randomized to avoid personnel bias in scoring. The slides were examined for chromosomal aberrations (CA), sister chromatid exchange frequencies (SCE), and replicative index (RI). Six blood samples from each group were treated with a known chemical mitogen, Mitomycin-C (MMC), to assess whether this had a synergistic effect with mobile phone use.

There was a significant increase in dicentric chromosomes among S-A mobile users compared to NS-NA users. After MMC treatment, there was a significant increase in dicentric and ring chromosomes in both S-A users and NS-NA users compared with their respective controls. Although SCEs showed a significant increase among mobile phone users, no change in cell cycle progression was seen.

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