Hardell L, Mild KH, Sandstrom M, Carlberg M, et al., 2003 b

This is the fourth paper published by Hardell and colleagues from the case-control study that they conducted in 1997-2000. This latest paper does not produce any new data from the case-control study. It states again that the odds ratio (OR) for vestibular schwannoma (VS) in those using an analogue phone was 3.45. The OR for digital phone was 1.21 and for cordless phone 1.03. This tumour is also known as acoustic neuroma. The authors also reviewed incidence rates for VS and other brain tumours in Sweden from 1960 to 1998. They found a significant increase for VS in the period 1980-1998, and for other benign tumours from 1960-1979. There was no increase for other benign tumours or for malignant tumours in the period 1980-1998. The authors state: "One explanation for the decreasing incidence of brain tumours during the recent years may be the decreasing frequency of autopsies in Sweden".


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