Mann K, Roschke J, Connemann B, Beta H.

This study examined the effects of EMFs on the nervous system control of the heart. It was done as part of the study described in the section "Brain function in humans" (Mann and Roschke, Neuropsychobiology,1996;33:41-47).

Twelve young men were exposed or sham-exposed during sleep to 900 MHz, pulsed at a frequency of 217 Hz, with a pulse width of 577 microsecs. The EMFs were close to the head. These are the conditions that exist with the GSM cell phone system. Electrocardiographic (ECG) data were collected to assess heart rate variability during different phases of sleep. There was no difference in heart rate effects between the RF exposure and the sham exposure. This suggests that the EMFs did not have any effect on the brain control of the autonomic nervous system that controls, among other things, heart rate.

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