Adair ER, Mylacraine KS, Cobb BL.

Adair and colleagues have previously published studies that showed that adult human volunteers exposed to RF radiation on their back at a SAR of 7.7 W/kg did not increase their core body temperature.

In this study they were able to obtain permission to exceed the IEEE C95.1 standard, which specifies a maximal partial body SAR of 8.0 W/kg for a controlled environment. Human volunteers were exposed to 2450 MHz on their back at peak power density of 50 and 75 mW/cm². The higher of these gave a peak local SAR of 15.4 W/kg. Despite local increases in temperature, core body temperature, measured in the oesophagus, did not increase. Nor was there any increase in metabolic heat production. Core temperature was maintained by vigorous heat loss responses of blood flow and sweating.

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